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UNC Rugby Tours

One of the greatest joys of being a rugby player is touring. For every Carolina rugger, some of their best memories come from traveling around the country and around with world with UNC Rugby. These tours enable the team to experience rugby as it exists in all different cultures, while also allowing Carolina to showcase its brand of rugby on the international scene.

Recently, the team has traveled to the Bahamas, to Spain, and to Austalia and New Zealand. Part of UNC Rugby's tradition of touring includes keeping extensive tour logs to record the educational experiences of competing with more experienced sides and being in a foreign land, as well as the general hilarity that seems to travel with the team overseas. You can read about some of these journeys right here.

Look for UNC Rugby in a foriegn country near you in the near future!

Select a tour below:

  • 2005 Fall Break Midwest Tour by Michael Burrows
  • Bahamas 2003 by Sebastian Gibbs
  • NY7s 2001: UNC Runs to Championship by Rob Leichner
  • Down Under 2001 by Stanley Olshefski
  • New York 7s 2000 by Craig MacDonald
  • Vuelto Por Espana 2000 by David Cook
  • Scotland 1999 by Sean Heaney
  • Florida 1998 by Jay Haney
  • Bahamas 1997 by Jon Bruns